we relish a challenge


At Sorn, we relish a challenge from a client that tests our imagination and the talents of the fantastic people we work with, to create exceptional, delectable and fully bespoke experiences. We encourage everyone to dream big and below are just few ideas to help the imagination run wild: any idea is most welcome.


private dining


Sorn has travelled throughout Britain, sourcing unique and exclusive locations to be paired with sought-after chefs and restaurant teams to create events truly unique to each client.

Whether an intimate dinner for two under the stars or an opulent, celebratory feast amongst the ruins of an ancient castle, our team will dedicate precise attention to every detail to ensure a seamless experience.



gourmet adventures

immerse you in new cultures or help you rediscover the familiar.

Each culture, each country, around the globe has food that is unique, and we strongly believe that discovering a culture’s food is one of the best ways of understanding that culture and its people.

The history of a nation and its way of life, is tied up in its food. Here at Sorn, we organise complete trips that immerse you in new cultures or help you rediscover the familiar. Whether it is a week’s tour of Scotland with lunches in breathtaking landscapes, fishing and cooking classes from the country’s top chef, visits to the best restaurants, or a romantic weekend of candlelit beachside dinners and secluded picnics, Sorn is always seeking to create the perfect culinary adventure for each client.

We also work closely with travel companies and concierge teams to give clients moments of gastronomic bliss during their trip.



launches & presentation

dining brings people together as a shared experience.

It gives us a reason to sit and enjoy something as a group, to discuss all facets of life, and to bond over the food and drink laid out in front of us. A lunch or dinner provides a magnificent forum for anyone, or any business, looking to present an idea, launch a product or say thank you.

Sorn creates original and fitting themes, settings and menus to best achieve the client’s aims. This could be the launch of a new beverage, to be complimented by delicious food, inspired by the drink’s ingredients, and a beautiful table setting or it could be a dinner where an artwork is being presented to a private collector, the evening reflecting the era or style of the art.


With our network of chefs, decorators, and location scouts, Sorn is committed to making our clients’ dreams a reality. The possibilities are endless and the potential for revelry boundless. So come and join us on an epicurean adventure.